“…The man is simply a genius, on top of being humble, nice and a workaholic in the music industry. That’s led him to become one of the most respected producers, songwriters and artists in this field, a field that many enter but exit quickly. Malek’s managed to stay atop because of his innovative creativity and talented traits. To date, some of his credits include Jennifer Lopez, Anastacia, Faith Evans, Article A, Donna Summer, Jessica Andrews, Sylvia Tosun, David Phelps, Dream, Marion Raven, Hiromi Go, Coco Lee, Plus One and Yanni, among others. He also served as a judge in the well-respected X-Factor television show in his native country…”
Living Out Loud – Q&A with Producer, Songwriter and Artist Miklos Malek

“…I started playing the music my parents listened to when I was very young, and I still listen to music with the ears of a kid, experiencing the same emotions that inspired me to get into the business. I want to work with artists who can move people, because at the end of the day it’s about energy and emotion. Nothing gives me greater joy than to help artists realize their potential…”
Music Connection Magazine – Close Up: Producer Miklos Malek

“…Along the way, Yanni did something he has only done occasionally over the years — collaborate with an outside writer on songs — Miklos Malek. He is credited on five of the CD’s 15 songs. Yanni connected with Malek, a producer/songwriter who has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Faith Evans, Jessica Andrews and Donna Summer among others, through his producer, Ric Wake
“Miklos is just a great composer. I love the guy,” Yanni said. “He was in Los Angeles. We never even got together. He was working in Los Angeles. I would send him ideas, and he would work on them and send some of his ideas back. Or, he would have an idea. And then Ric Wake would listen to ideas Miklos had, and he would say, ‘Hey, what do you think?’
“He [Malek] would sort of start a song or [have it] in a very raw form, and Ric would kind of pick and go, ‘I think I like this one. Why don’t you listen to it tonight and see what you think?’ ” Yanni said. “I liked some of the ideas, and then I took them and then I made them into songs. … He had some really nice ideas, a lot of stuff, and I will be working with him in the future many times…”
‘Touch of Truth’: Yanni kicking butt on new CD, touring show

“…In fact, the first seven tracks are stirring instrumentals that also include the exotic “Voyage” co-composed with Miklos Malek who lends a hand on five of the tracks. Malek also assists on the buoyant and flowing “Flash Of Color” which is in complete contrast to the more aggressive and compelling “Vertigo”…”
Mainly Piano – Album Review: Truth of Touch, Yanni

“…”Don’t” is another shining example of the sisterly connection these two friends share; together, they have crafted an adult top 40-ready song that bursts with energy and intelligence, boasting gorgeous, well crafted harmonies that are simply a joy to listen to. A radio remix from Miklos adds a touch more punch to the mix, giving “Don’t” an urgency that the masses would adore…”
Billboard – Reviews / Singles: M2M Don’t