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    Miklos is amazing, he did a great job on mixing and mastering our track “Spotlight” on “Perfect Havoc”. Vocal mixing was on point! He mixed the track on time and he worked fast! It was a pleasure to work with him.
    – Dallerium (DJ/Producer Duo)

    I’ve known Miklos for very long and always been amazed by his musical skills that make him an engineer who not only understands frequencies and compression settings but the essence behind every song. He’s been involved with a bunch of my projects, mixing / mastering records for the biggest dance labels on the planet. I could go on and on praising him to the heavens and above, but it still wouldn’t be nearly enough to fully show how good he is.
    – Shane 54 (DJ/Producer)

    Miklos is amazing!! He’s mixed/mastered a number of songs for myself and my clients and has done a great job every time. He’s also a wizard at vocal editing. He really elevates the projects he works on, and I will definitely work with him again!!!
    – David Schoenwetter aka INViDA (Artist, Producer)