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Miklos to me has always been an idol to look up to as a music producer, a musician and also as an engineer. Glad to say I can consider him as a mentor of mine. He’s always happy to share his experiences and give advice which I always appreciate. His endless list of references speaks for itself and makes him one of the greatest who ever touched the keys/consoles!
– Mat Diamond (Music Producer)

Miklos is definitely my No.1 when it comes to one-on-one mixing classes. First of all they’re always fun and he keeps giving extra advice besides mixing as well, that helps me rethink production decisions for example. The remote connection is absolutely genius, way easier to work together quickly and efficiently on a mix. Learning from YouTube is good, yeah, sure, but when you have an industry professional who’s helping YOUR song to be its best self, nothing compares to that. No matter where you at in your career, you can save a lot of time with one of these classes.
– Somody (Music Producer, Artist)