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    “Miklos is and incredibly talented musician, writer & producer. He always takes things to another level when I work with him. What you thought a project could be is one thing, but after he brings his talent and magic dust in whatever role he is doing, it goes to an amazing place that I didn’t expect. He’s been my go to guy for two decades.”
    – Ric Wake (4x Grammy and 2x Oscar winning Music Producer)

    “I saw early on what a singular talent Miklos is. What I didn’t yet understand was the breadth of that talent. He’s a master of all aspects of the recording process; from musical arrangement to mix and master. Any time I work with Miklos, I breathe a whole lot easier. He’s also not too bad a fella to boot.”
    – Peter Zizzo (Emmy & Grammy winning Music Producer, Songwriter)

    I have worked with Miklos for over 20 years in many different capacities. As a producer he is highly knowledgable & skilled with the rare ability to see thru a production from beginning to end with mastery throughout the process. As a musician he is a GIANT, his command of the piano is virtuosic and his guitar playing is diverse & always appropriate. As a songwriter he is smart & savvy. As an engineer he is amazing at recording every type of instrument, he has captured some of the highest quality tracks that I have ever dealt with. As a mixer he is like a top surgeon dialing in the details.
    – Darius Lux (Artist, Songwriter, Producer)